Friday, May 21, 2004
Request Line Coming Soon!

Yep, that's right a request line will be coming in the next day or so.  I've run into a little difficulty getting it to work right, but I will hopefully have all the kinks worked out sometime tomorrow.  This new request feature will not effect any of the time schedules for the stations.  You will only be able to request songs from the block that is currently running (ie:you won't be able to request punk rock during the anime block & vice versa). 

Here's the basic gist of how it'll work for those who have never dealt with one before.  You'll click the request link on the website and be taken to a page where you can search by letter, keyword, or a dropdown menu with a list of artists.  Once the artist of selection it will give you a list of songs by said artist that are currently in the playlist.  Choose the song, and watch the little counter that shows the amount of time remaining in the current track, and once it's finished your requested song will play.  Sorry, but there's a five song limit per IP address, so you can only request 5 at a time.  Hey, it's only fair.

That's about it for right now.  Like I said, hopefully this will all be sorted out sometime tomorrow.  Later!

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Tuesday, May 18, 2004
New Look, Same Great Taste!

Finally got the majority of the redesign done.  Took me no time at all to set up as it's a pretty simple design, it was just a matter of actually sitting down and doing it.  I hope to have the request section ready soon, but I'm still trying to figure out how I want to do it. 

New show will be up Thursday morning at 1am [cst] as per usual.  Got some pretty sweet tunes, but more on that later.  I'm out.  Later. 

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Friday, May 07, 2004
threeONEfive expands!

Sorry I haven't made an appearance since Wed. night/Thurs. morning's debut, but I have been busy.  With what?  Video games! mean,,,expanding threeONEfive.  Okay, so maybe I played a little 'Hitman' the past few days.  But the expansion bit is completely true.  threeONEfive radio will not only be broadcast every night, but for FOUR HOURS every night.  That's right four hours, spanning from 11pm(12am eastern) to 3am(4am eastern).  Now before I go any further, allow me to break down the time slots:

*11p - 12a Anime Music
*12a - 1a   Punk Rock
*1a   - 2a   Punk Rock
*2a   - 3a   DDR Music

Now before anybody goes apeshit, yes, threeONEfive no longer exclusively plays punk rock.  If you want punk rock 24/7 this is not the station for you, sorry.  The best way I can set up a station is if it's a station that I myself would want to listen to, so that's what I'm attempting to do.  Hopefully some people share my odd taste in music, but I know that most of you will probably just tune in for the slot of your liking and there's nothing wrong with that.  Since the easiest time to broadcast is at night, I tried to make the fours a relatively high energy late night block, thus the reasoning behind the DDR music being there, VERY high energy level! (for those who don't know, DDR=Dance Dance Revolution and the music is a bunch of electronica based poppish songs that clock in around 1 & a half min.)

Don't worry, all this isn't set in stone.  As I said, I'm making a station I would listen to, so if I get bored with a block I'll do away with it.....but not the punk rock, our precious punk will always be played nightly.  It just wouldn't be threeONEfive without it.  Oh and on that note, another ambitious little plan of mine.

Along with the real website that's in the works (still will be simple, but not as shitty) I'm hoping to add a request section where you can fill out a little form with what you want to hear and I'll try and find it and play it.  I know there is a plugin for shoutcast that already allows something similar which offers instant gratification (and I am looking in to that), but I was thinking about making the 2nd punk hour more or less an all-request show.  Nifty, eh?  Like that shitty MTV show, except with good music and without that fuck-tard host. 

Geez, long post.  eh, I'm done for now.  Kick back, and eat an extra slice of pie for your hardworking DJ.

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Wednesday, May 05, 2004
Tonight's The Night!

Ah, finally I am home free!....well for two weeks and then I'm gonna take some summer courses (econ and history of rock, yay).  Anyhow, tonight at 1 am (central standard time) I'm hosting one hell of a party, so consider yourself invited.  Had a huge network failure yesterday evening, but after some tech work it all seems to be up and running fine.   I've fine tuned the playlist and it fuckin' rocks.  I'm not exactly allowed to give a tracklist prior to initial broadcast, but here's a little list of bands you're gonna be hearing tonight:

*Dead Kennedys
*Dropkick Murphys
*The Offspring
*The Non-Prophets
*The Clash
*Operation Ivy
*The Broadways
*Many More!

Oh, and don't forget about the NEW Bad Religion that I'll be spinning tonight near the end of the show.  I've only heard about half of The Empire Strikes First, but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it kicks large quantities of ass.  Can't wait to see them again at Warped.  We are alos currently featuring tracks from the new Rock Against Bush comp out now on FAT.  If you haven't done so yet, pick this record up ASAP.  So, don't forget: Party. Tonight. 1am cst. BYOB.  Check to tune in when the clock strikes 1am. ** NOTE: On-demand replays of this weeks show should be up this weekend.  **  Later.

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Tuesday, May 04, 2004
threeONEfive: Welcome back, Me.

Hey everybody, what's up?  I'm sure you've read on the main page that threeONEfive is making its official debut (or re-debut I should say) this Thursday at 1am (cst).  Am I excited?  Well I wish I had the liesure of being excited right now.  I got finals to study for PLUS all this biz with the radio and all.  In fact, I barely have time for this entry, but I thought that I should properly set up the site before we go hot on Thursday.  Here's a quick breakdown of shit that's gonna go down.

*Quick intro/celebration of threeONEfive's return
*30 mins of kickn' music
*News Break
*25 MORE mins of music
*Debut a BRAND NEW Bad Religion song
*Top it all off with some Dead Milkmen

Pretty basic and standard procedure.  I'll try and update again later.  Don't forget to check out the site so you can tell me how much it sucks.

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